Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is a word game that tests your spelling prowess, vocabulary knowledge, and ability to form words using a set of seven letters arranged in a honeycomb pattern.

This article will guide you through the rules and strategies of this game that challenge your vocabulary skills. So, let’s dive into the world of letters and honeycombs and discover the fascinating world of the spelling bee!

This game offers a great challenge for language enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike. Let’s explore the rules and intricacies of the spelling bee.

Spelling Bee Playing Rules

Rule 1: Center Letter Inclusion in a new word

The heart of the spelling bee lies in the inclusion of the center letter in every word you form. This rule ensures that you strategically build words while keeping the central letter as a focal point. By incorporating the center letter, you exercise your word-formation skills and enhance your ability to create meaningful and valid words.

Rule 2: Minimum Word Length

Minimum word length: to maintain the game’s challenge, Spelling Bee imposes a minimum word length requirement. The form must have a minimum of four letters. This rule encourages players to think outside the box and explore longer, more complex vocabulary options.

Rule 3: Letter Repetition

The power of repetition prevails. You are allowed to repeat letters while constructing words. Embrace the freedom of repetition and unlock the potential of the given letters.

Rule 4:  Avoid the use of Abbreviations or Acronyms

You have to avoid the use of hyphens (-), proper nouns, profanity, and made-up words while forming a new word.

How to Play Spelling Bee

Playing the Spelling Bee is simple yet stimulating. To get started, follow these steps:

 1. Look at the honeycomb-shaped arrangement of seven letters on the screen.

2. Use a Central letter that must be included in every word you create.

3. By clicking on the given letter with the mouse or manually entering it four times by using a keyboard, you can form a new word. After forming the new word, click on the enter button. Correct and valid words will show up in the list of your founded words.

4. You can get points by forming new 4-letter words accordingly (0 points for 101 words)

5. You can form at least one Pangram word (a word that uses every letter on the honeycomb) in a single day, which rewards you with 7 points.

6. As your score progresses, it increases with each increase in points.

7. You can use the shuffle button to see the letter combinations in case you get stuck and cannot unscramble any other word.

Strategies to reach the Genius Level of the spelling bee

You must consider the following strategies to reach the genius level:

1. Use of the central letter from the 7 honeycomb letters:

A center letter must be included to form a new word. This approach ensures compliance with the game’s rules from the very start.

2. Challenge your vocabulary and spelling skills:

Build your word repertoire by learning new words and their meanings. This knowledge will enable you to craft diverse and impressive word combinations.

3. Focus on longer words.

In the case of longer words, 1 letter equals 1 point; you can form a letter word to get 6 points and at least one Pangram word to gain an extra 7 points and showcase your mastery of language. Aim for words that exceed the minimum length requirement.

4. Experiment with letter arrangements:

Rearrange the given letters to uncover hidden words and discover alternative possibilities. Sometimes, a simple rearrangement can reveal a new word.

Benefits of Spelling Bee

Engaging in the spelling bee game offers several benefits beyond pure entertainment:

1. Enhances spelling skills:

Constant exposure to word construction and spelling challenges strengthens your spelling abilities.

2. Expands vocabulary:

Regular gameplay exposes you to new words, broadening your vocabulary and language proficiency. Sharpens cognitive skills: The Bee exercises your brain, improving critical thinking, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

 3. Boosts Linguistic Confidence:

Mastering the spelling bee fosters confidence in your language skills, allowing you to communicate effectively and express yourself eloquently


The Spelling Bee is not merely a word game; it is an opportunity to enhance your linguistic abilities while having fun. By adhering to the rules and employing effective strategies, you can sharpen your spelling skills, expand your vocabulary, and unravel the joy of constructing words from a honeycomb of seven letters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use abbreviations or acronyms in the spelling bee?

No, correct spelling requires the use of complete words, excluding abbreviations and acronyms.

Are there time limits in the spelling bee?

No, the spelling bee typically does not have time limits; you can play as much as you can in a single day.

Is there any penalty for misspelled words in the spelling bee?

No, the Spelling Bee does not penalize misspelled words, but it encourages accuracy to maximize points and progress.

Is there any honeycomb letter update time in Spelling Bee?

Yes. Honeycomb letters are updated every 24 hours at 12:00 a.m. local time.

Can I see the Correct answers to my Spelling Bee game?

You can see the correct answer the very next day by clicking on yesterday’s Button.